Garage Motor Installations Durban

Allow Gate Motors Durban To Provide You With Professional, Friendly and Affordable Garage Motor Installations For Added Peace Of Mind!

Garage Motor Installations

Garage Motor Installations For An Added Peace Of Mind!

Garage Motor Installations


Welcome to the Garage Motor Installation information page. Garage Door Automation Commonly referred to as Electric Garage Motor Installations and Garage Door Automation. Garage Motor Installation Services work hand in hand with Gate Motor Installations and completes your home security or business access.

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Garage Motor Installation Services

By having Garage Motors Installed you provide convenience and added security for your home or business which will give you an added peace of mind. It is also possible to operate both your Garage Motor and Gate Motor from one remote for more convenience. We offer Domestic Garage Motor Installations, Residential Garage Motor Installations and Commercial Garage Motor Installations.

Well Known Garage Motor Brands

We only use quality well known Garage Motor brands which are available on the market and that have been on the market for several years. We do this to ensure that repairs as well as garage motor spares are available. We provide Centurion Garage Motor Installations. Nice Hansa Garage Motor Installations. Gemini Garage Motor Installations. CAME Garage Motor Installations and DACE Garage Motor Installations.

Garage Motor Features

Most of the New Garage Motors make use of code hopping remotes which provides more security than the old style remotes. We also mainly Install Wall Mounted Garage Motors with the option of locking the system. This is mainly needed when you have small children around who like to play with the garage. By having a locking system that switches of the Garage Motor, you prevent anyone from playing with it as well as added safety for children .

In order to have an effective Garage Motor Installation your garage doors must be in very good working condition and well greased in order for the Garage Motor to work more effectively as well as last longer.

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Contact Gate Motors Durban, if you have any questions, need help or require assistance regarding our range of Gate Motors and Garage Motors or installation services we offer. All our customer contact agents are well trained, and will help you regarding your inquiry.


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